Read on to learn about same-day dentures cost, pros and cons, and more. If you need a tooth replacement or other dental services, call a trusted dentist.

Same-Day Dentures: What You Need To Know

One of the most common dental solutions to replace missing teeth is dentures. These dental prosthetics come in various types, including traditional, partial, fixed, implant-supported, and immediate or same-day dentures. 

While most types of dentures are made after your teeth have been extracted and fully healed, immediate ones are made weeks before the procedure. Read on to learn about same-day dentures cost, pros and cons, procedure, and more.

What Are Same-Day Dentures?

Immediate dentures are a complete or partial set of artificial teeth inserted on the same day of your natural ones’ extraction. You can consider these dentures if you don’t want to spend weeks with missing teeth or have trouble chewing your favorite food. They are also suitable for people who have lost their natural teeth before and already have healed gums.

Getting same-day dentures involves getting impressions of your mouth, jaw, and teeth beforehand to create the dental prosthetic. Depending on your condition, it usually takes a couple of weeks to a month. Once it’s done, your tooth extraction can be scheduled. Then, the dentist can insert the ready-made dentures to fill in the gaps as soon as the procedure is done.

Who Are Eligible for Same-Day Dentures?

Aside from those who want a quick tooth loss solution, other candidates for immediate dentures include people with severe gum disease or missing most of their teeth. Other factors may still determine whether you are eligible for this type of teeth replacement, including your general health condition or other dental issues. So, it’s best to consult your dentist to find out if you can get same-day dentures. 

What Are Their Pros and Cons?

Getting immediate dentures has various advantages and disadvantages, like any other dental procedure. Learning about these is crucial to know what to expect if you consider getting them.


One of the major benefits of same-day dentures is not having to spend time with any missing teeth. Aside from regaining confidence in your smile, you can also talk as you usually do and eat with little to no trouble after the procedure. Immediate dentures also help protect your gums and reduce bleeding, which aids in the healing process of your dental extraction.


Immediate dentures are more expensive than traditional ones as more time is required to make them. Plus, since they’re constructed before the tooth extraction, you’ll have to make several visits to your dentist for adjustments and relining. The reason is that changes in your mouth, while your gums are healing, affect your prosthetics’ fit. These changes may also cause your dentures to slip and move around your mouth.

In addition, same-day dentures may be quite uncomfortable since they’re inserted while your gums are still sore. Typically, after 6-8 months, or when your teeth are fully healed, getting a custom-made and more permanent teeth replacement is recommended. Some examples are:

·       Traditional or Conventional Dentures

Although it’s also a removable prosthetic like immediate dentures, traditional false teeth are made by taking molds of your mouth and jaw, resulting in a perfect fit. Because of this, they are more comfortable and won’t move around your mouth. Plus, it won’t require regular visits to your dentist for adjustments.

·       Fixed Bridge or Permanent Dentures

This type of teeth replacement involves inserting dental implants into your jawbone. Once healed, the artificial teeth are then attached on top. Permanent dentures won’t need to be removed and will last several years with proper maintenance. 

How Much Do Same-Day Dentures Cost?

The average price of immediate dentures is around $1,900 for a full set of upper and lower teeth. Still, this may vary per person as the type of teeth replacement needed, and their oral health will affect the total cost. The price may also depend on the clinic and denturist, so it’s best to consult your dentist for a more accurate estimate. 

Teeth replacement solutions, like dentures, help maintain and improve oral health. Besides giving you a natural-looking set of teeth and regaining confidence in your smile, dentures also allow you to speak and eat normally. If you need to replace missing teeth or want an oral checkup, visit a trusted dental professional near you.